• Supervision contract

    A contract is required by the board as part of your supervision experience. It communicates our commitment to you and does not bind you to us. You are free to change supervisors at any time. You will need to fill out your name, email, amount of fieldwork experience hours remaining, and amount of supervision hours remaining. Remember, the number of supervision hours remaining equals 5% of your remaining fieldwork experience hours. For example, 1500 fieldwork experience hours would be 75 supervision hours; 1000 fieldwork experience hours would be 50 supervision hours; 750 fieldwork experience hours would be 37.5 supervision hours.

    Please download a copy of your supervision contract at the end and keep a copy for your records. A copy will also be automatically sent to your supervisor. You will notice it is signed by Lauren on behalf of Hoom House; this allows you to move freely between supervisors in our program without having to redo your paperwork. 
    A contract must be signed before starting supervision. Once the contract is signed, we will provide you with information on how to schedule your first supervision meeting with your supervisor. 

    Sign your supervision contract