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Our Mission at Hoom House.

Hoom House is dedicated to empowering Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) by providing essential tools to deliver affordable and accessible supervision. We also strive to address the increasing demand for BCBAs by equipping trainees with the necessary tools & resources and connecting them with a network of experienced supervisors to fulfill their fieldwork requirements for certification.

Our story

Founded in 2015, Hoom House started a response to the long waitlists for autism services.  Originally a passion project, demand for the company's offerings grew and the company grew in turn. To meet the growing need for BCBAs, Hoom House turned their focus to  simplifying the fieldwork supervision requirements for certification to help accelerate the growth for the next generation of behavior analysts.  

Our management team



Co-Founder - Clinical

Lauren is a BCBA. She has a passion for helping others. After serving individuals with disabilities in both a clinical and home setting, she is excited to be able to provide applied behavior analysis service through technology.



Co-Founder - Operations

Bryce first got involved with Hoom House after seeing his family members struggle with traditional autism services. His goal is to modernize autism services for the demands of today’s children

Our impact

We measure our success by impact. Everything we do must have a measurable, lasting effect on the communities we serve. We are proud to say that our work to date will impact over 120,000 individuals with autism. 

Company news

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