Amazing Features

Purpose built software for organizations of all sizes.

Our built in curriculum ensures every trainee and supervisor are targeting the same standards. Lectures, quizzes, and assessments are all included.
Trainees and supervisors can document every activity from fieldwork, to monthly requirements, and beyond.
Automate paperwork
Electronically complete contracts and monthly verifications. No emailing PDFs back-and-forth. Everything is requested, completed, and stored in one place.
Conveniently see progress and perform audits across all staff in the Supervision Portal. Special reports available to only organizations administratrors.
Retain and develop staff
Trainees choose employers based on supervision experience. Provide your staff the best supervision experience possible.
Standardize the experience
Be confident that every trainee and supervisor and aiming for the same expectations.
Collaborate effortlessly
Multiple supervisors can oversee a single trainee while easily sharing documentation and assessments.

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