Everything you need

Meeting documentation
Intelligently coded meeting types make it easy for you and the trainee to view their progress meeting experience and supervision requirements.
Automated forms
No more emailing PDFs back-and-forth each month. Everything is completed in the Supervision Portal. With a single click, you can approve or reject the request.
The built in curriculum is based on the 5th Edition task list and includes special topics. Quizzes allow the trainee to test their knowledge and view their progress over time.
Competency tracking
Visualize the trainee's progress against the task list. The VB-MAPP style interaction provides a very visual way to measure and communicate progress between trainee and supervisor.
Trainee tools
Our built in fieldwork tracker, curriculum, automated forms, and other tools provide a clear path for the trainee which makes your job easier.
Join our virtual community to connect with our supervisors, trainees, and stay up to date on the latest news.

Over 300,000 fieldwork experience hours documented

Great for organizations too

If you would like to standardize supervision delivery across your entire team, we have the tools for that.

Our paid plans offer administrators views of the entire organization, company wide auditing, and collaboration tools for multiple supervisors.

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Need help finding trainees?

Apply to join the Hoom House network of supervisors. We offer a Supervision Marketplace to help trainees and supervisors discover each other.

Plans for all supervisors

Whether you have one trainee, provide supervision on your own or with a team, we have you covered.



  • Every you need to supervise one trainee



  • Unlimited trainees



  • Advanced features for team collaboration and administrative oversight
  • $3-$12 per supervisor per month. Discounts for larger teams.

Enjoy your time as a supervisor

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